Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shamrock Du

Anyone who reads my blog knows I can be pretty hard on myself so let me say before anyone starts reading into the comments to follow that I am pretty happy with my overall result. My overall time was 1:47:36 which is almost exactly 11 minutes better than last year. Goal was 10, obnoxious goal was 15. I shaved everywhere including the transitions.

I'm not real happy with either run - both were faster than last year, but I truly thought I was going faster than what the overall times came out to. run 1 was done in 25:22 (27:01 last year) and run 2 was done in 27:34 (29:40 last year). I had a real hard time getting my HR up on the runs - it was humid which seems to prevent me from getting my HR up, but I always wonder if I am not making myself suffer enough. I even played head games with myself on the second run to try to get myself to go faster - there was one particular guy I was trying to beat and I knew I was in front of him since I passed him on the bike. I kept telling myself on the run that he was going to catch me - I still could not get my HR up - it was barely over 150 and sometimes under. By the way I beat him by about 30 seconds.

The bike course is relatively hilly and there is a lot of cornering so it is pretty technical. This favors me as I notice that a lot of people are tentative on the downhills and the corners - I take a lot of time here. I averaged about 20 which I feel is good considering the terrain and technical aspects of the course. I definately felt yesterday's TT in my legs, but once again this is a minor race so I will not question the Masters motives.

Here is the thing that really aggavates me - I was 196th on the first run, 174th on the second run and 64th on the bike - This really frustrates me.

Running drills tomorrow!


  1. Martin,
    You had a great race! I too am struggling with the runs in the same way. Can't get my heart rate up which makes me feel like I can't breathe! You crushed the bike course! I thought I was faster than my actual result indicates. I passed all the faster runners who beat me into T1, but still found myself way back in the overall field. The second run was all about not walking for me. Kept my stride short and just wanted to run the whole way - which I did. Very different experience for me than 2 years ago when I actually won my AG...

  2. oh, and I looked all over for you during the post race festivities hoping I could recognize you from your pic. Thought for sure I'd be able to spot you!

  3. Nice job Martin. That is a huge improvement overall!

  4. great job Martin. I think it was the rims that made you av 20 mph LOL..

  5. Dave,

    I notice you didn't let me try out the Zipps :)