Saturday, May 22, 2010

45 minute TT

I always hesitate to go all out before a race, but it was on the program so I did it. I have to keep the big picture in mind and the big picture is Lake Placid, not the Shamrock Du.

I rode the same terrain as Thursday. I completed 16.00 miles in the 45 minutes which equates to 21.33 mph. I am extremely happy with this as I was wondering if I was going as fast as I did on Thursday - I would say yes. Considering I had to come to a full stop for traffic to clear before I could make a turn (the only left hand turn on my course) I would say that this was a fair outing.

I can't wait for tomorrow - this is a much anticipated race for me - a true test of where I stand fitness wise. Short enough that I can really hammer and long enough so that it is fairly taxing. I finished in 1:58:35 last year - my goal is to take at least 10 minutes off this time and as many as 15.

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