Friday, May 21, 2010

I learned two things

I went to the track this evenening for the 10 200s at 5k pace. It was starting to cool down so it was quite comfortable - slight breeze blowing as well.

The two things I learned is that I don't understand all of the markings on the track and that I don't know how to "feel" my pace. My 5k pace is about 7:50/mile so I should be running these somewhere between 55 and 60 seconds. I averaged somewhere around 45 seconds which equates to about a six minute pace (I wish!). I tried to slow it down, but honestly I did not feel like I was going all out.

I thought I understood the markings on the track as far as how to run 200s - one would take me 48 seconds and then the next one would take me 40 seconds - I moved to the center of the track and they got more consistent so I think they were more even.

Question - what lane do I need to run in if I don't want to make any corrections - i.e. what lane is exactly 400 meters starting and finishing on the same spot? Thanks.


  1. The Shamrock is one of my favorite races Martin. Was my first multisport race ever and I was hooked as a result! I haven't done the new course yet though. Did you do it last year? I heard it was more difficult? I suspect I'll be chasing you on the bike ;)

    Look at this for an answer to your question about running tracks. It gave me a headache! Get out your protractor!

  2. I raced it last year and think the course is comparable to prior years. It has a fair amount of hills, but it always did - actually, I think it is the same hills.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. o.k., now I get it - I should be running 200s in lane one or making the proper adjustments in the other lanes.

  4. yep lane 1. there should be stagger marks in the other lanes. (not the passing zone marks for baton handoffs