Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lake swim, shoulder presses and bike intervals

Met Erica at the lake yesterday for a swim around it. Water was nice - probably could have done it without the wetsuit, but love the flotation it gives you. We did not swim as hard as we should have, but it was nice to practice open water swimming and sighting, etc. I also practiced bilateral breathing. I did a few pickups so there was some hard swimming involved - even did a little butterfly - wetsuit makes it easier to do butterfly. Quite honestly, after Tuesday's long hot run I needed a day to relax and not take the training so seriously. ONE DAY, that's all - I'm back to it.

Did presses last night at home - did all five sets of five with 100 pounds. Last set felt easier than first - weird.

Bike intervals this morning - five minutes on, two off times four.

1. 2 miles (slight downhill to flat) 24 mph
2. 1.85 miles (mostly flat) 22.2 mph
3. 1.45 miles (lots of uphill) 17.4 mph
4. 1.75 miles (moderate - mostly flat) 21 mph

Had to turn my leased car in this morning - rode bike home which is why the terrain varied so much.

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