Monday, May 24, 2010


13:40. Last time 13:05 - BUT, my runs were about .32 miles vs. .25 so I ran about a quarter mile too far. I wish I could do this workout at the track but there's no where to do pullups.

I ran with the metronome set to two beats (one for each foot). It is much easier to stay with this way - thanks for the suggestion.

13.1 tomorrow - plan to run the first half hard and see if I can hang on after that.


  1. Two beats on the metronome, what a great idea. I have to try that. Hot outside today, drink drink and drink some more before your run.

  2. happy that metronome is working out 4 u now!

  3. Good luck on the run tomorrow Martin. Stay hydrated, and try to stay in the shade where possible.