Thursday, May 6, 2010

Decent swim

Unfortunately I have to go back to the old adage of they can't all be PRs. Last night I did a 500 yd swim TT. Squeezed it in before the pool was overtaken with a class - figured that would give me an incentive to swim it real hard so I could finish before I got kicked out.

I warmed up with a 200 pull and rested and stretched for about two minutes. I set my watch and off I went. I tried to swim each 100 like it was the only 100 that I was doing - swam hard from start to finish. I was fairly well convinced that this would be a PR as I felt good and my stroke felt strong - finished in 8:26 which is 5 seconds off of my best time. Some of my turns were lousy, but I doubt it was five seconds worth of lousy.

I'm not beating myself up - I know effort wise I gave it everything I had - it hurt from start to finish and I did not let up even though my body was telling me to. Overall, this was a good effort.

Tonight is Tabata bike - a short but painful workout - it's one of my favorites so I am looking forward to it.


  1. Yeah, swim was not in the cards for us yesterday, but there is always another one just around the corner.

  2. wow first time I ever saw someone they like tabata anything!