Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 k run TT

I was feeling very tight and beat up before this run - stretched real good before getting started and actually felt somewhat loose when I started the run. I did some wall drills before I started and tried to pay attention to posture. As I was running I tried to keep posture and pulling with hamstrings at the top of my mind. I know that my form has a long ways to go, but I am trying to be real cognizant of my body position.

I am fairly sure that I was still flexing my foot rather than relaxing it - I don't know how I am going to get myself to relax the foot/ankle.

No matter how hard I pushed, I could not get my HR over 154. I'm not sure if it was the humidity or if I just did not have it in me today. I ran until my GPS told me I did 6.2 miles. Total time was 55:09 which equates to an average of 8:52 pace. I feel looser after the run than before it, but now I have a pain in the middle of my back (between shoulder blades). Don't know if that has to do with trying to keep the hips forward or if it relates to something else. Took two Advil - hopefully that helps.

Tomorrow - 500 yd swim TT and running drills.


  1. Nice job on the TT Martin! Sounds like we had very similiar experiences yesterday. I am feeling a little beat up as well, but definitely feeling strong too! The swim will feel good today!

  2. Martin

    Your a hammer! Way to get through it. I know how you feel about being "beat up" & to Pam's point. I showed up to my masters swim this morning knowing it was going to suck. I felt the same way beaten like a little dog. My times this morning reflected that as well. Your doing great. keep pushing.