Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another morning workout

This is a pleasant way to start the day - AMRAP for 20 minutes, 4 burpees, 8 pushups & 12 situps. I'm still sore from Sunday, but feeling less beat up. The last time I did this workout was February 9th where I completed 19 full rounds and the burpees and pushups on the 20th. I finished today just about even with February 9th. I went back to February 9th's blog post and it looks like I had a great day and a great mental attitude that day. I thought I worked it hard today, but after reading my Feb post, I wonder if I left something on the table.

I have a 10k for time tonight and I don't plan on leaving anything on the table.


  1. Kicked my butt Martin! I finished 15 full rounds this morning. I will also give everything tonight on my 10K for time. Have a great run.

  2. O.k., so that's one to your 20. I'll take it! I hope I loosen up some for tonight's run - my hammies are tight!

  3. 10K run for me too and that circuit, haven't done either of them yet. I hope the thunderstorms hold off - we just had a bad one come through.