Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Second Workout

Helen was my date for tonight. I was convinced I was going to smash my prior time. Either my prior time of 11:11 is wrong or I really dogged it tonight. I felt like I gave it everything, but in the end I finished in 13:05 almost two minutes slower. For a short workout like this I feel that this is enormous. I almost want to do it again so I can have another shot at the record, but alas, there is no energy left. I am going to blame this on still getting over my weekend ailment. Fever gone, but still have congestion and nagging cough. I'm still a little baffled though. I had my treadmill amost all the way up (I was over 9mph, max is 10mph) so each 400 was finished in less than two minutes. For rounding purposes, that puts the 400s at about six minutes. I got right to the swings - it can't take more than a minute to complete 21 swings so now we are up to nine minutes. The pullups can be tough after the swings. I generally get four or five up the first time and then the rest are broken into two sets. It probably took me a minute (perhaps a little less) on the first round, but it climbed after that - more rest needed on the second two rounds. I guess 13:05 sounds right in retrospect. So, either the 11:11 is wrong or I had a real good day that day. I don't think I have another date with Helen until June.


  1. Don't sweat it. Every time I watch this video of my best Fran time ever getting crushed by over 7 min I realize someone, somewhere, is always having a better day than me: http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/CrossFitPrimal_ChristyFran.wmv

  2. I need to put that kip in my pullups - that would help me immensely. I should probably throw the weights down when I'm done as well - of course I would crack my cement floor if I did that. And the ball - I'm sure that it's there so she goes down far enough, but it actually looks like she was bouncing off of it.

    O.k., who am I kidding, she can definately kick my ass!