Wednesday, March 10, 2010

700yd swim

Completed in 12:21. A slight improvement from last week. Still lacking some zip, but it will come back. Goal for today is to get a good nights sleep. Over and out!

P.s. I had a physical a couple of weeks ago and the lab mailed a copy of the blood results to me. Now, just in case anyone is wondering, never send something with numbers on it to an accountant if you don't want to be grilled with questions. I called my GP to have him go over the blood results with me as it looked like I was close on some of the ranges. He actually explained that the results were awesome. My good cholesterol is up, bad is down, sugar is good, sodium good, liver good, etc, etc, etc. The only thing he recommended was a Vitamin D supplement which he said is normal for that to be low in the northeast especially this time of the year. He mentioned that it was good for the muscles - he said why, but I can't remember. The only thing I heard was "hey it might help my training."

He also did an EKG while I was in his office. It actually changed from four years ago. He said normally he would recommend a stress test, but he knows what I am doing and fears that I might break their treadmill if he sent me for one. What he sees is indication that the heart muscle is strengthening. This can't be a bad thing!


  1. That's great news Martin a double bonus - taking part in something that is as fun, interesting and challenging as Triathlon and CF and getting great health improvements.

  2. Martin

    Great news on your physical. I also had mine a few months ago & I also had a deficit on vitamin D. My GP Rx 50,000 units of D for 6 weeks. I am back to normal levels now.