Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Electronic devices are failing me

I decided to sneak my 20k ride in after dropping my daughter off at gymnastics. Nice day and some daylight left. Got my bike setup and was about to take off and noticed that my HR wasn't registering. I figured that's o.k., if I can't push myself without the monitor by now then there's something seriously wrong with my motivation (still nice to get some feedback though). I warmed up for two miles and then reset my computer for the TT (was going to base the TT on the computer, not a preplanned course). Afer I reset the computer I started going and got three minutes into the workout when I realized that my computer wasn't registering. I slid the unit off and noticed that the leads are all corroded. I tried to clean them but just could not get the damn thing working again.

The only thing working was my stopwatch so I adjusted my plan to ride 38 minutes as hard as I could. At least I would get the workout in - just wouldn't have data for the workout.

I clocked the ride after and it comes to 14.2 miles (including the first 3:28 before I stopped. Total ride time (in the red) was 41:40 for an average speed of 20.45. Not bad considering that it includes a stop, a left hand turn at a stopsign with traffic (so I actually had to stop) and a traffic light at a busy intersection (I got the red).

Second workout coming soon............................

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  1. Very nice work! Glad you got a chance to get outside and enjoy the weather!