Monday, March 22, 2010

Rest day reflections

I need the rest day. not that I'm too tired to do a workout - using the day to catch up on some work.

Tax season is almost over and I have not missed any workouts due to work reasons. This is more to a level of committment to the fitness regime than anything else. Last year I did not workout from about March 1 to April 16th. Maybe not a big deal when you are young, but I find that as I get older a long layoff like that takes forever to overcome. Plus I put weight on much faster than I used to.

Exercising and proper diet have actually kept me more alert and less stressed than I have been in past busy seasons. I'm not working as many hours, but I am sharper and more focused when I am here.

I am a little surprised by some of my good results lately. Not because I am not working out hard, but my rest is definately being shorted. In addition, as much as I try to keep my diet in line, I do occassionally miss a snack or the meals are too far spaced out, etc. Saturday for example - I only ate breakfast and lunch before those workouts - was about two snacks behind - both workouts were phenomonal. I do need to keep in mind that even with occassional cheating and missing a meal or snack, I am still doing much better in the diet department than in years past (I've been known to pack on ten pounds during busy season). I have kept my weight about even. I am not worried about gaining a pound or two over the next three weeks as I will get very strict again as soon as April 16th gets here (today was a good day - all Paleo except a few pasta shells). Also, my idea of cheating these days is to eat a zone like meal instead of pure Paleo - so am I really cheating?

I'm hoping that as soon as April 16th gets here we can start planning some rides or runs together. I would like to meet you guys in person (Erica, we met once, but you probably don't remember). Perhaps we should get Dave's uncle involved.

I am doing a duathlon in Wrentham MA April 18th if anyone is interested.

O.k. - back to work for me.


  1. Hey Martin,

    Well done balancing work/life/family/training, etc.. I am looking forward to getting killed on some rides soon.

  2. Yes, boys & girls we will certainly get together for some rides & runs. I'll try to keep uncle @ bay. Martin your doing a great job balancing family, work & your WOD's. I am in the same boat, you end up working out at crazy hours, but keep to the program.

  3. You guys give me too much credit. The only things I'm balancing are work and workouts - the family is certainly suffering and I owe them as soon as tax season is over. My wife and daughter have been unbelievably understanding.