Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothing much to write about

So why am I writing. I think I'm addicted to this. I better stay away from Facebook - I know people who are spending way too much time on Facebook (then again, they are not working out twice a day).

First workout was 20K bike TT at 80%. On the trainer again due to the weather. Now that I got a taste of the great outdoors, the trainer was even harder, but I have goals - workout had to get done!! I figured 80% to be a HR of 144 - 148. HR monitor did not work at first but came on after I got a good sweat going. I'm getting good with the perceived effort as when it started working (after about 10 minutes) my HR was at 146. Time not really important on this workout, but I will post it - 40:30.

Next up was 5 sets of 3 squats. No squat rack at home so I did leg presses. Managed to get to 320 on my last set. I love leg presses - they make me feel strong, but they were not the intended workout. I don't deviate often, so I don't feel bad.

Signed up to do a half marathon on Sunday do I will be switching Saturday and Sunday's workouts.

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