Sunday, March 21, 2010

Didn't like this one

I have been enjoying the swimming a lot more than I did in the past. It's great when you can feel your stroke improving and your times are coming down, etc.

I was not feeling real motivated and was going to put this workout off to late in the day/early evening as I was trying to get some work done (still am, just taking a quick break). Carol says to me "why don't you take a break and get your workout in." Well that was my cue. She does not encourage me to get my workouts in often and sometimes I feel like she tries to derail them. If this is the new her I like it - did not want to discourage the behavior so off I went.

Like I said, I was not feeling very motivated so I went to Dick's first to look for new goggles. The leaking has been getting worse so this was a great excuse to delay the workout for a little while. Dicks only carries Speedo, but I figured that's o.k. because I have been using Tyr goggles (that's all Sport's Authority carries) and I wanted to try something new. Well, they worked good.

I finally got in the pool and there was no more delaying - once I was in the water I got right to work. The workout consisted of three sets of 1 250 followed by 5 50s five seconds faster than the 250. I assumed that this meant each 50 had to be done five seconds faster than the average 50 for the 250. The first 250 was done in four minutes which equates to 48 seconds per 50 meaning I had to hold 43 seconds per 50. I easily hit this on the first 50, but struggled to hold it (I did the 50s on 1:00). I did the second 250 in 4:04, around 49 seconds per 50. I also did these on 1:00 and struggled to hold 44 (last couple were definately over). The last 250 clocked at 4:10 or 5o seconds per 50. I decided to do these on 1:15 and was able to maintain 45 for three and last two were done at 46/47. Between warmup and cooldown did a total of 2200 yards.

After all of that delaying. I found it easy to push myself during the workout. Its weird, but I was suddenly mentally focused when I got in the water.

Second workout was five sets of three shoulder presses. warmed up with the bar and then 65 pounds. First set I counted was 85 pounds. Then I did 95, 105, 105, 105. I initially thought I was going to do more weight than this, but these were shaky. I think the swim may have sapped some power.


  1. Martin

    If you are looking for a good selection of googles go to I usually order my 2 or 3 pairs of swim shorts (briefs) / googles. Until I can get into open water outside, the indoor pools destroy my swimming gear.

  2. Martin- regarding your goggle issue... someone turned me on to swedish goggles ( about 5 years ago. You assemble them yourself- dirt cheap and without a doubt the best goggles I've ever used.

  3. I used to use socket rockets which were o.k., but not great. The Speedos don't leak, but they are not exactly comfortable. You are the second or third person to tell me about the swedish goggles - I am definately going to try them out.

    Thank you both for your input.