Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two goods ones

I would not call it a tough day at work, but it was tough working while it was such a nice day out. I got out around 4:00 and headed to the gym for 30 deadlifts at 1/2 my bodyweight and a 1000m row for time. I'm not sure how the deadlifts were supposed to feel, but that part of the workout felt pretty easy. The rowing on the other hand was brutal. 500m is an all out sprint. 2000m plus are pacing events. 1000m is a difficult distance to pace.

I decided pre workout that between 3:45 and 3:50 would be an accomplishment. I started off hard and finished the first 500 faster than I normally do 500s. Shortly thereafter I could feel my power declining even though I was pulling with everything I had. The computer was kind enough to show me the decline in power as well. I maintained as best as I could and actually got the power meter back up a little in the final 100. To my surprise I finished the workout in 3:36. I was totally out of gas when I finished - could barely walk. Thankfully, I'm in decent shape, recovered quickly and was on my way home within 5 minutes so I could tackle my next workout - a 20k TT.

Once again I picked a poor route due to lack of time for planning; however, there were less obstacles (intersections) to slow me down. I warmed up for two miles, reset my computer and I was off - well for about a half mile or so. My damn computer wasn't working again. I slowed down, popped it off and wiped off the leads and put it back on again and it worked. I reset the computer, started off again and looked down at it and what the #@$! It was not working again. I popped if off, wiped off the leads and put it back on and thankfully it worked and kept working from this point on.

Off I went on a fairly flat course (by CT standards). I felt good and rode hard - finished in 34:13 (21.74 avg). This is faster than I was racing last year. I am fairly certain that if I picked a better route I would have averaged 22 (I had a left hand turn which caused a significant slowdown and there was one very sharp right hand turn which caused a slowdown). Avg HR was 154 with max at 162.

The only regret that I have is that I was not able to go for a decent ride. I was about out of daylight when I finished. This was such a gorgeous day that I would have liked to have been outside enjoying it.


  1. I am glad you were able to get the bike in outside

  2. The main thing is you got to get outside for a great ride. Nice job on the 20KTT!!

  3. Nice work. So much nicer to be outside again...