Sunday, March 28, 2010

Race results - half Mary

First, I confirmed that my GPS needs to be recalibrated. It clocked in at 13.6 vs. 13.1. I think the reason for this is that I totally changed my running form since I first calibarated it.

I ran the Westfield half marathon today. I biked one loop of the course before running it - it was an easy bike so I would not even count it as a workout. The good thing about it was that I knew where all of the hills were and was able to plan accordingly.

Erica and I ran the first five miles together (probably should have ran the whole thing together, we came in very close to the same time). The first mile is flat and then the course climbs for three miles. We did the first mile in slightly under 9 minute pace as we were conserving for the hills. At mile four a gentle descent starts and there were some decent descents after that. Course climbs again at mile 10 - not too bad; however, it is at mile 10.

My main concern today was about running technique. I perceive that I am significantly improving my technique; however, I would like to get some video of me running in order to analyze it. My secondary concern was putting up a decent time (my goal was to complete the half in under 2:00). I'm not sure how fast we ran up the hills, but I felt pretty good coming off of them. I concentrated on keeping my legs loose, landing midfoot, keeping my hips forward, and letting the road pull me forward. I broke at the hips a few times, but I am getting much better at recognizing it and making a correction - it's amazing at how much of a differnence I feel when I make the correction - it's like I've been riding the brakes and just released them.

I clocked in at around 1:58:30. Considering that I would have been happy with anything under two hours, this is a great result (I would have settled for 1:59:59). I'm a little tight in the hips and I feel some tightness in the lower legs, but overall I think I feel a lot better than I have in the past. I still may be straightening my leg too much which is one of the reasons why I would like to get some video of me running.

I swam and did the thrusters yesterday. swam 8 100s with each 100 followed by five pushups and five squats. finished in 17:22. Did the thrusters in the morning as I wanted them as far away from the run as possible.


  1. Congrats Martin! Good Job! Under 2 is good for me. I will like to tape you if you want and them you tape me and analyze together.

  2. Great improvement Martin!!! Really glad that this was positive. You learned from your mistake and are starting to see the improvements. Keep it up!

  3. Great work Martin - a good running competition with Erica

  4. Great job - my watch also came in at 13.5 miles and my block is exactly 1/2 mile long and the watch always measures 1/2 mile long, hmm

  5. Martin

    Way to hammer it out!!! Great job!!

  6. Ariel,

    I just may take you up on that - but first I want to get a session in with the master. I will definately want to get more video after that though.

    I'm almost through with my busy time and would like to get together for a run or bike ride sometime soon.