Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm getting spacey

Sometimes I just lose all sense of reason. Today's workout called for swimming as many yards in 15 minutes as possible. I figured I was good for an 850. Warmed up with a 200 stretched and off I went. Here's where I got spacey. I know an 800 is 32 laps making the 850 34 laps. Somehow I got it in my mind that I had to swim 42 I did. So when I finished in 18:56 I was baffled, distraut even. I was like, wow! I know I haven't been getting enough sleep and my diet is a little off, but this is crazy. So, I know you're saying this guy is a dope, but it gets better.

My next workout was 50 foot walking lunges with 25# overhead, 21 burpees times four. I forgot to check my workout plan before I left the office so I was going by memory (actually, going by Erica's blog which I read earlier in the day - just assumed we had the same workout). That being said, I thought the workout called for three rounds. It is just as well as I'm not sure I could have done the fourth. My legs were burning with pain while doing the lunges and the burpees weren't feeling too good either.

So, I was still thinking it was a sucky day until I started writing the blog and realized that a swam a 1050 vs. an 850. Suddenly I wasn't feeling bad at all :)

I'm going to bed - might even get eight hours tonight.

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