Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10k for time

I thought about switching things around in order to get another day off from running after the half marathon, but decided that it was better to get back on schedule. I ran a course that I knew would be over 10k and went by my GPS. I hit the lap button at 6.2, but kept running hard until my GPS said 6.5. I warmed down with an easy run for about a half mile and then jumped in the car to clock the run. On the way home I drove a measured mile (part of a road race course) in order to make sure that my car odometer was accurate. It is. The 6.5 mile distance per the GPS was the 10K as I suspected. Nothing like using a little Kentucky windage to get a run distance right. Time was 53:42, or in other words, not too shabby especially considering that I just ran a half marathon two days ago.


  1. Good job - guess those legs are still working well after the race. I will test mine out tomorrow for a run circuit

  2. I'm feeling it today - they are really beat up. Lunges should be fun.