Sunday, February 14, 2010

This was a tough week

I won't even go into the work aspects that made this a tough week - the workouts alone were difficult. I started off the week with a bang. 100 pullups on Monday followed by a great circuit and fantastic running result on Tuesday. That circuit chased me for the rest of the week. Wed was a good swim followed up by a good bike and WOD effort on Thursday. Friday is when I started to feel a little run down. Run intervals never thrill me, but I put forth the effort as I know these workouts are helping me acheive my goals. Saturday I misread my program. I thought I was doing five sets of three squats and then a 40k bike TT. The squat session was actually pretty good considering how tired I felt. I thought I might be able to get 185 up three times as I felt really strong the last time I squatted. Reality hit as I realized that I would be lucky to hold 175 for four of the five sets (first set done with 165). I'm thinking about doing the deadlifts today so I can claim to not have missed a workout all year (I didn't really miss it, just did the wrong thing).

40k Bike TT. I really struggle mentally with this workout as it is difficult to keep the motivation up down in the basement for up to an hour and a half. Plus, I was really feeling run down and was concerned that my time would degrade (I know It's all about the effort). Well, would you know I actually took 3 minutes and 11 seconds off of my last indoor TT time. I'm still in shock the next day. I was actually afraid to look at my watch when I was done - didn't look until today (had to log it into my spreadsheet). Oh yeah - the time was 1:25:42 vs. 1:28:53 the last TT.

Today (Sunday) was a swim workout. I procrastinated a little in the morning putzing around the house as I knew this was going to be a painful session. I finally dragged myself out and drove to LAF. Pool was crowded, but not so much that I couldn't share a lane with someone. I warmed-up with 200 yards, rested a couple of minutes and then off I went. 200 yds, 10 pushups seven times for time. It is difficult to do pushups after swimming and difficult to swim after doing pushups. Good thing I like pain. Total time 29:58. Total yards swam today was 2000. Oh yeah, and I was the fastest one in the pool today. It doesn't happen often, but it's good for the ego.

Not that I have totally bored you, a couple of interesting stats. I have not drank a beer all year - last beer I had was around Christmas. I have had a couple of glasses of wine this year, if I had to add them up I would say probably around 10 and never more than two in a night.

No pasta at all this year (though I plan on doing pasta and meatballs for my next cheat day).

I have been on Paleo for about two weeks and only cheated once (last night). I did not enjoy my cheat night.

It costs more to eat Paleo; however, lean meats are actually cheaper than the fatty meats that you are supposed to stay away from.

I weigh between 153 and 154. When I started this journey I weighed in about 174.


  1. Martin

    Outstanding efforts on the bike TT & way to go in the swim. It is amazing going into a workout thinking of the pain prior to the WOD but then you over come it all & have a great session. Great job!!!


  2. Great work on the bike Martin - & coconut milk on fruit is great, it's better from the fridge as it thickens up

  3. You LOVE pain :) Super job with the bike AND weight loss - true inspiration.