Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I didn't know you could pull an ab muscle

Well.... that's what I seem to have done. I felt it during the thrusters/burpees workouts. Worked through it and finished that workout in 16:59. I woke up the next day thinking that I felt o.k. and decided to do my first workout in the morning since I got up early. I started doing the box jumps and immediately felt the pain in my abs - felt it on the burpees and especially on the situps. I quit after the first round. So happens that I had my annual physical yesterday so I asked the Doc about it and he confirmed that it was nothing serious.

Did my 20 minute run on the treadmill due to the snow. My home treadmill sucks! I got it for free so I should not complain. I think the speed readings are accurate, but the distance readings are way off. It was very evident yesterday and explains why all of the runs I have done on that treadmill have seemed miserably slow. Running did not hurt so I put my all into it. I had no trouble getting my HR to 160 and kept it there for a while - it crept up to close to 170 by the time I was finished. I kept the speed over 8mph and slowed it down to 7.7 midway through, but brought it back up after a minute (I reminded myself that it was supposed to hurt). I am fairly confident that my average speed was very close to 8mph. Treadmill said I completed 2.12 miles. That does not compute - I estimate it was more like 2.65 miles.

Not to miss a workout I modified the xfit circuit to something that would not aggravate the abs - 20 squats, 20 pushups, 18/18 down to 2. Finished in 7:48.

P.s. burpees are hard after thrusters - I nearly smashed my chin into the cement floor on my first burpee as I did not expect that the thrusters had robbed that much power from me.


  1. Hope your abs feel better soon. I was starting to worry about you since I hadn't seen a recent post. FYI...Sue's got a blog now. So are you starting to get ready for the marathon that's coming up? I'm assuming you will use it mostly as a training day run. Will be thinking of you.

  2. Posts will start to get more infrequent and probably less wordy. I prefer to blog than work, but it is getting a little busy here. I Don't want Todd to get mad at me for not pulling my weight around the office.

    Do you have a link to Sue's blog? She couldn't remember it when she emailed.

    I feel ready for the marathon right now. I'm very excited about testing the training out. It is definately a training run, but I still expect a PR.

  3. Hey Martin,
    Hope your abs are feeling better. Sorry you won't be doing the 13.1 TT at Quassy. I am sure you'll do great with your marathon. I am looking forward to our rides when the weather gets better. Great work on the swim.