Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sorry about the rant in the prior entry. Tonight was two 5ks on the bike. First was done in 9:28 and second in 9:45. I really fried my legs on the first one - surprised I was as close as I was on the second. Best time on December 29 was 10:07. I'm curious to see how this relates to riding outside as I really find it hard to go fast on the trainer that I have.


  1. Hey Martin, its hard for partners when one has a "hobby" that is quite all consuming.

    I am very lucky that Phil (my hubby) is so patient and understanding - I do try to do my bit as I know that at times I take him and what he does around the house etc for granted - I certainly could not do what I do without his support.

    I suppose we just need to show our partners that we do appreciate them and try not to forget that they see what we do differently :)

    Having said that - I always schedule my/our lives around my training! Not sure if that's a healthy thing or not!

  2. That is what's frustrating me. I try to schedule my training around everything else going on - it gets done in the morning (though not lately), at lunch or in the evening after all other activities are done. I do realize that in order to be successful at triathlon you have to be somewhat selfish in order to get the training in, but I really bend over backwards to ensure that I am not too greedy.

    She has been really supportive up to now and perhaps I am just overreacting to a little blip.