Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crabby wife

I said that I would not write about my wife unless she pissed me off - well she's doing it! She has been a little cold to me for the past few days and I confronted her about it. She claims that I never help her out due to the fact that I work too much (please keep in mind that the hours just started). Personally, I feel like I have been doing more around the house in one of those overcompensating type of ways - i.e. I know the time will come when I can't do anything but work.

O.k. to add insult to injury she mentions that I always find a way to get my workout in. This pissed me off!! I looked at my plan and I don't have an awful lot of long days in there and they usually happen on Tuesdays or on weekends and I do them around her and my daughter's schedules. If I can't fit 30-60 minutes of training into my day then something is significantly wrong with the world we live in!

I think she's projecting - she anticipates that I will not be able to help out going forward and she's taking it out on me now.

I asked her what she is doing now that she was not doing a couple of weeks ago. Upon reflection the answer was "nothing." UGHHHHH!

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  1. Martin, Martin... I know that may be sound bad for the girls on the blog, but doesn't matter how much you do, in some way you're not doing it the way they want to...

    Also in the other hand you're cheating with Max... that means you do whatever he told you :)

    This is my 2nd. marriage and even when all couples are different I think find a the right balance between work-family-personal interests in not an easy task at all.

    I hope you talk with your wife and she understand this is your real passion and you need to do it.