Friday, January 22, 2010

Sometimes workout out at the gym is a drag

Rowing and running - so much fun! Rowing machines are downstairs and treadmills are upstairs with the exception of one that was in use. I clocked the distance around the building and it was about a quarter mile so I was going to run outside. I did the first 500 then ran my 400 outside and upon coming back in the manager told me he did not want me coming and going - too confusing for them. Rather than get in a agrument with the bozo I decided that treadmill it would be. I got lucky, the woman that was on the downstairs treadmill finished right before I finished my second row - I hung a towel on it to claim it for the rest of my workout. I pushed real hard on the rowing and fairly hard on the treadmill. Now don't have a coniption Max! I really did not know what I would be capable of running as I had no leg speed the last time I ran. I ran at 8 mph, but increased it to 8.5 on the last couple of sets and pushed it all the way up to 9 on the last set. My lungs were definately searing after this workout and it took me a half hour to stop sweating even after my shower - I worked hard enough. Maybe I had 2% - 5% more to give. Total time 25:32. Tranition time killed me - total workout time was more like 20:00 even.

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  1. Your effort to run outside was noteworthy - I can just see the front desk having a panic attack...I was lucky enough to have the rower a few machines down from the treadmill limiting my transition time. Enjoy your weekend!