Sunday, January 24, 2010

I was Smokin

First and foremost - congratulations Dan! That was an awesome half marathon.

I'll start with yesterday. After work (yeah I'm working Saturdays now) I went in the basement to do the first workout - the 30 minute bike TT on the trainer. I warmed up for about 12 minutes, had a light sweat going and had done a couple of hard efforts to get the HR up a little. I am proud to say that this hurt for a good 27 minutes of the 30 minutes. I seem to have found that spot where any harder and your legs will seize and any easier and your just not going hard enough. I think I'm getting a little stronger as it was hard for me to stay in the gear that I used a couple of weeks ago (and one down felt too easy). Total distance for the 30 minutes was 9.1. Here's the "I was smokin" part. After I finished the bike I had steam pouring off of me. I knew my basement was a little cool, but it's not that cold down there!!

After about five minutes rest I started my second workout. 50 thrusters with 75# for time. I only managed to get 12 reps up the first set. I considered taking a little weight off as this felt pretty heavy to me, but Max said 75# so that is what I used. I tried to keep my rest periods short and get as many up each set. total time was 9:46. I checked my workout log and the last time I did this (12/18/09) I did it in 8:45, but it was a stand-alone workout.

Today I did max squats x 7 and a swim 6 100's on four minutes rest. Squats were as follows: 155, 175, 185, 190, 192, 185, 185. I believe my max last time I did this workout was 185.

Unfortunately I only got 5 of the 100s done. When they shut the lights off at the gym I think that means it's time to go home. If I knew I was going to be this tight on time I would have shortened my warm-up. Too late to change anything now. Results - 1:28, 1:26, 1:27, 1:30, 1:31.

Tomorrow is a rest day - almost forgot what those are.

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  1. Great work Martin. That's awesome weight on the squats. Enjoy the rest!