Monday, January 25, 2010

Rest day

Its a good day for a rest day. It's very gloomy outside - the kind of day that just steals your motivation. Guess what? I don't need any today!

I've been thinking about my diet and nutrition a lot lately. The zone has been pretty good to me - my energy is good and I have leaned out quite a bit. I've done a little research on Paleo, but have more research/reading to do before taking the plunge. One of the things that I have learned is that anything processed is out. No more bread, cheese, etc. Peanuts are out. If it is toxic without being cooked, then you don't eat it on Paleo. Legumes - out (peanuts are a lugume, not a nut as many people, including me, seem to think).

With the little I know so far (I ordered Paleo for Athletes - should have it soon), I have decided that instead of taking a plunge, I am going to morph into Paleo. Or in other words, eat myself out of the zone. When I run out of cheese - I won't buy any more. I ate the last of my peanuts today.

Here's what I know - meats are good, eggs are good, fish is good, fruits are good, nuts are good, wheat is bad, dairy is bad, certain veggies are bad.

I assume certain veggies are good, but I don't know which ones yet - I suppose the ones that you eat raw.

I do like my yogurt - easy to fix a smoothie. Yogurt is out.

More to come on this topic..............................


  1. I found initally giving up the yoghurt hard, but I have learned to love coconut milk as a substitute - you will find the book really helpful about what type of foods to eat before, during and after exercise

  2. I have been following The Zone for just over a year - I hate some of the foods that Paleo does not like, like Yogurt, Cheese so giving that up would be easy. What I can't give up and don't want to is Oats - I use it to make a breakfast baked dish and also an egg white pancake. I assume Oats are not part of Paleo, but like you, I may just wonder to the book store in the next few days to check it out