Friday, January 29, 2010

Screwed up again!

Well, I was just looking at tomorrow's workout in the plan - you know, preplanning the day and I realized that I did today's wrong. The funny thing is I usually recheck the workout before I head out, but I had turned my computer off and thought I had a good idea of what the workout was.

What I was supposed to do - treadmill, 10% grade, one min on, one off, pace = 2 min slower than fastest 10k pace.

What I did - treadmill, 10% grade, two on, one off, pace = 2 min slower than fastest 10K pace.

Funny thing is I was questioning myself on whether I worked hard enough or not. Apparently, I worked plenty hard enough. I even bumped the pace up on the final interval - got the HR close to 170. It was fun anyway.

Tomorrow looks like a fun day. Fran and 60 min bike TT. I did Fran in 15:37 last time with 70 lb thrusters. I will try it tomorrow with the prescribed 95 lbs and still try to beat my time. Wish me luck!!

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