Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rowing the day away

5000 meter row - this is the first time this has shown up on my plan. Furthest row so far was 2500 meters which I did back in November. I had no base line, but I figured that 20 minutes would be something to shoot for. I came pretty close - I was on target for 19:45 up to the half way point, but lost some power going forward. Finished in 20:21 - avg hr 156, max 169. I finished the 2500 meter row in 10:20 - I would call the 20:21 5000 m row a success.

Worked a long day and put this at the very end of the day - got to LAF at about 10:00 p.m. There was actually more people there at 10:00 p.m. than there were at 2:00 p.m.

Random thought - do you know how big a four block salad is? I need to get bigger bowls.


  1. I eat a 1 block salad as part of my lunch and that is big !!

  2. Good job on the row! As far as the blocks/salad, depends on what you put in it. I usually do a whole cucumber as 1 of the blocks and then you can load up on lettuce, broccoli, stringbeans, etc.

  3. I usually use a cuke and a tomatoe as my veggies. I put lettuce in there, but don't count it as a carb because you need so damn much of it to equal one block. Sometimes I put a pepper in there. I get the rest of my carbs from fruit. Yesterday it was grapes. Sometimes I cut up an apple and throw that in (sometimes I mix them). I used to mix chicken and cheese in for the protein, but I am cutting down on dairy so it was just chicken. I got my fat from the dressing, but will probably have to do something else when I go Paleo. Book hasn't arrived yet, but it did ship - got confirmation.