Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rare before workout post

I registered for the Hyannis Marathon yesterday. This happens on February 28th and will be a great test to how my body is adopting to the workout protocol. I am thinking about doing a half January 24th in NY.

I was hoping to get outside to do my 40k time trial today but its snowing. Until recently I was still contemplating it as the roads are clear just wet and sandy. I talked myself out of it as cars surely would not be expecting to see a bike on the road today and the sand would kill my bike. I would not have ridden my new bike, but my other bike is still a decent bike and I would like to not ruin it.

I will be heading to the basement in a few minutes to get on the trainer and do the 40k time trial. I plan to put the music up loud and crank it out. I am ready to suffer so I am going to get to it. Hopefully my next blog discusses an awesome workout. I will still need to get to the gym to do squats - I'm thinking about getting a squat rack for my house so I don't need to make a special trip just to do five sets of squats.

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