Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting the new year off right

I'm actually going to backtrack a couple of days first. Wed called for 100 deadlifts and I really did not think the back had it in yet. I called Max to discuss alternatives - he looked at my program and noticed that the 100 deadliftst weren't supposed to be Wed - I had slid my whole plan over a day at the beginning of November and kept it that way. I actually cancelled a rest day in order to do it this way. To make a long story short Max told me to do Thursday's workout on Wed and just slide the workouts back a day. I think Max had a crystal ball as I ended up skipping a workout and am back on the schedule.

Wed was an extremely busy day for me -we were doing some last minute tax planning for a handful of clients and the day totally got away from me. I went to the Gym at about 9:00 p.m. - I stopped for a new battery for my HR monitor on the way as I was doing a treadmill workout and needed the feedback. I had a 5k time trial to do and after last time I was determined to get it finished. I warmed up for a mile and then get right to it. I set the pace for 7:30 pace as that is how fast I generally run my first mile in a 5k. I was just going to try to hold it for the duration of the run. I don't know what I was thinking as my best 5k time is around 24:20 and this would have blown it away. as I approached a mile and a half I had to take it down a bit - my HR was at 170 and still rising. I took it down and picked up the pace in the last half mile to try to salvage the run - I finished in 24:52. In the famous words of Dan Belmonte - they can't all be PRs.

I do know that I will use a different tactic next time I do a treadmill 5k. I will set the mph for 7.8 mph and try to hold that for the duration. That will get me finished in just under 24 minutes and is not as lofty of a goal as trying to hold 7:30 pace. I was just trying to take way too big of a bite.

Now, after getting the new battery for my watch, the time on my watch was off by about a half hour. I was a little disoriented after the run so when I looked down at my watch I thought the health club was going to be closing in a few minutes so I went home without doing my second workout. As I was driving home I looked at the clock and felt like a real moron.

December 31st - skipped the workout. Ended up working later than I expected and had to get home to help my wife get the house ready for guests. Sorry Max, but my marriage is more important than a workout.

So that brings us to today - New Years Day!! Two workouts on the schedule - 1) 5 rep dumbell thrusters (15#) and 5 pullups 5x for time and 2) four 800s with 2 minutes rest. I did the 800s first and I must say they were very painful. My lungs were screaming for mercy after each 800. 3:15, 3:16; 3:25; 3:17 - I'm not sure what happened with number 3 - timing malfuntion? It hurt just as bad as the other three. Warmed up and down with a mile - total run four miles.

I did the second workout shortly thereafter and finished it in 4:44. I just rechecked my plan to make sure I did not miss anything - this was definately the workout.

I must say that I am glad the holidays are over. There is way too much bad food and drink around. I was more disciplined than in years past, but come on!! My wife only makes her Peanut Butter Bon Bons once a year. A lot of the other sweets only come around once a year. It's impossible to say no to everything. Oh yeah, and the parties. Wine and beer everywhere - I'll just have one - right! I weighed myself this afternoon - four pounds up. I will minus a pound since it was afternoon, but that's still three pounds and that's unacceptable. Like I said, I'm glad the holidays are over - it's time to get serious. Speaking of, I will be registering for Hyannis as soon as I close this entry.

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