Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not into it, again

I have vowed that I will get all my workouts in unless I am sick, injured or there is a damn good reason other than I did not want to do it. I was not feeling into it today. Could be from good efforts yesterday or perhaps a poor diet over the weekend stole some of my energy. The one thing I did do right was hydrate - I miss that one too often.

No, I did not skip the workouts in case you were thinking I was leading up to that. Dan did the first workout (500m row, 15 pushups, 4x) that I had on my plan in 9:35 yesterday. I decided, unwisely, to try to beat that. I thought about what steals my time on these efforts and decided it is messing with the rowing machine's computer. I remember seeing a setting the says "just row" so I used that one so I did not have to reset it after each 500. I figured I could average the 500's at 1:50 which would get me done with the rowing part in 7:20 leaving me 1:15 for the pushups. I figured it would take me about 10 seconds each set of 15 pushups - boy was I wrong! I don't remember the pushups being this hard after rowing - something to do with trying to catch your breath and doing pushups don't seem to go well together. I finished the entire workout in 11:05 - row portion was right on the money at 7:20 (first 500 done in 1:45). I also lose time getting out of the rowing machine to do the pushups as I have to loosen the staps - I think next time I will wear my running shoes with the elastic shoelaces and just slip out of the shoe - should be able to pick up a little time there.

Second workout was 12x 50 in the pool. I did this after about a 10 minute rest. I never saw the pool at LAF as busy as it was today. I shared a lane with, luckily, a decent swimmer who swam straight - and about the same pace as me as well. I finished the workout in 19:50. Swim time was 8:50. average 50 done in 44 seconds. Warm-up was a 200 - no warm-down - just stretched real good.

On a good note, my back feels no worse than it did yesterday so the deadlifts did not aggravate the injury. I think its been about three weeks since I injured the back. It is still a little sore, but only when I move certain ways. Believe it or not, swimming aggravates it the most.

Tomorrow's workout will be done at home vs. the gym. The treadmill, area for box jumping and wall ball are in three different areas of the gym. I will have to subsitute something for the wall balls - I'm thinking thrusters as the movement is similar - I will use a 25 lb plate vs. the bar. Besides, LAF does not have any heavy balls - heaviest I believe is 12 lbs.


  1. Hang in there. I also opt for dong as much at home as possible for the circuits and ended up buying a medicine ball and shoting it against a wall in my house - just so much easier, unless you are using a very heavy ball, then maybe you would get some wall damage.

  2. I know what you mean about the rower computer - so hard to set it seems! Great job!!

  3. Hey Martin,

    Keep up the good work until the off day! I substitute dumbbell thrusters(20lb.) for wall balls.


  4. Hi Martin! You're doing great! Enjoy reading your blogs as they are so thorough. Anyway, hope your back is feeling better. One suggestion to alleviate some of that back pain while you swim is to use a pull buoy to lift up those legs...or my other suggestion would be to try some backstroke to change it up a bit. Good luck and hang in there!

  5. Off day, what's that? I think Max has me going for 20 days straight or something like that. Thanks for the comments. I love reading all of the blogs and get a kick out of knowing people read mine. Of course, now that I know people actually read my blog I have to elevate my writing - impossible!

    I'm not real fond of backstroke, but will give it a try. I used to swim the IM in High School so I supposedly know how to do all of the strokes. Crap! I shouldn't have let on, now Max is going to make me swim Butterfly.

  6. Dan, don't feel bad, I did 11:34 in the 500row+15 push ups, you rock and Dan too.

    Keep pushing...

  7. I meant Martin, I was thinking on Dan (9:35!!!)