Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quick post

Workout 1 (morning):

30 deadlifts at 1/2 bodyweight. Decided it was time to test the back since the weight was not up there. Put 80 pounds on bar and did 30 reps. So far so good - we'll see how it feels tomorrow. This was followed by a 1000m row for time. Whole workout took 8:35 keep in mind that the deadlifts and row are in different locations in the gym. The 1000m row took me 3:41.

Workout 2:

20k bike time trial on trainer. 41:20. avg HR 155, max 163. Big pickup in pace from prior two time trials - found a gear that felt comfortable - avg cadence 90. Think I'm just a little bit stronger which got me into a gear that was a bit uncomfortable the last two TTs. Definately need a new seat for the bike - plan to pick up next week.

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