Monday, January 18, 2010

Max's Army


It took me a while, but I finally have it figured out. Max is building an army of highly fit individuals. I haven't figured out what for yet - perhaps world domination. He knows he has you when he can send you to the pool and have you do pushups and squats between each set of 200s. He especially knows he has you when you don't even care about the stares you are getting - the only thing going through your mind is Max said to do it so I will. Can I be a Captain in your army?

All kidding aside, I don't know if anyone was staring or not because I don't care. I was there to do my workout and go home. I finished the workout (five sets) in 24:14. the pushups were extremely hard between 200s. Squats - not so much. The most positive thing that I can take away from this workout is that my stroke felt pretty strong. It weakened after each set of pushups, but it seemed to come back after about 50 yards. Warmed up with a 200 and down with a 300. Worked on stroke mechanics during warm-up and warm-down.

The second workout was Tabata knee pushups, squats, situps and burpees. I had my daughter call off the starts and stops - she seemed to enjoy this. I felt like I was getting stronger and faster as this workout progressed was shocked when she told me I was done.

Notes on diet. I was strict this weekend - did not want a repeat of last week. Yesterday was hard as Alicia had a gymnastics meet in Boston. I did not eat anything I wasn't supposed to, but I got a little behind on my calorie intake - I decided that a little behind was better than eating crap. My energy was good yesterday and feels pretty good today - will see when I workout. I did a little research on Paleo and think I will take the plunge - just not sure when. It won't be too long.


  1. Hi Martin

    Yes Max does have that effect on us doesn't he :)

    I have been training with Max for 19 days now with some double & triple sessions a day with no noticeable lack of energy and have been hitting PB's (PR's) in some WODs.

    I find the biggest thing is planning food, if I'm going out for a while I would take something along to eat say an apple some almonds and a hard boiled egg and you have to get used to eating differently when you eat out - we ate mexican with friends at the weekend - I had a chicken salad with gucalmole while they all had cheese laden dishes that did look & smell very nice!


  3. Awesome post! Totally motivating and also put a smile on my face thanks