Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm going to write the excuse book on this one

Today was a double. I would have liked to do the 50 burpees in the morning, but last night was a late night (the long work hours are starting) so I opted to sleep as long as possible.

Tuesdays are always hard. I have to leave work early (another reason I work super late on Mondays) to pick up my daughter at school, get her home, fix her supper, make sure she gets ready for gymnastics, feed the animals (sometimes she helps, but I'm usually on my own), and get myself ready for my workout(s). This all occurs in about a half hour from the time we get home.

Well......I did pretty good except I left my running belt at the house. By the time I figured that out it was too late to turn around. 9.3 miles is pretty far to run with no water and I was planning on a gel about halfway through as well. I opted to do the run with no water and no gel - it was cool and very damp so I figured I could get away with it. Speaking of the very damp - man! I could not get enough air. My average HR was 149 for this run and it was not because I was too fatigued to run harder - it was totally related to not being able to get enough O2. Water would have been nice - drank over 40 ounces since the run and still feel thirsty.

All in all it was a decent run though. distance actually came out to 9.4 -pretty darn close to a 15k. Total time was 1:30:35. My average pace was 9:39 - I've done better, but this was a decent run and it certainly beat running on the treadmill.

SOME PEOPLE ARE SO RUDE! I started off running on sidewalks as the starting place for the run was pretty congested. Three times people pulled through the sidewalk to the street to wait for traffic to clear and cut me off. I know they could see me as I am very bright when I run at night - running vest and flashing light. First time I let it slide but the second and third times I blasted the drivers - course they had their windows up and probably could not hear me.

50 burpees for time were done a couple of hours after the run - ouch! Pushups felt strong, had decent spring to the squat position and then ouch! The squats hurt. Four minutes even.

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  1. Well done on the run- I'm the king of forgetting things and letting them get in my loop. Nice job finishing with no water. Also, I hear you on the pedestrian issue. Living in DC, especially in the nicer weather, every day I have to deal with throngs of tourists who will be looking anywhere BUT where they are going. It actually makes for a fun game- seeing how close you can get before they see you and freak out, or just dodge them at the last minute. Heh. I'm such a tool :-)