Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm a bozo

I can't believe that I can't keep count for twenty silly laps. I mean - it was a relatively short swim. I got to 12 just fine and then I don't know if I counted 14 twice or not. As always, I picked the lessor of the two numbers (is it 14 or is it 16 - I picked 14). I think I made the right decision. Assuming I made the right decision my 500 time was 8:37. This makes sense as it puts my pace per 100 at 1:43 - I would rather it be the 1:34 that calculates out if I indeed did a 550 vs. a 500, but my pace per 100 for the 800 and 1000 was about 1:49. I definately felt strong for this workout, but I doubt I took 15 seconds off per 100 - 6 seconds sounds more like it.

Warmed up and down with a 500 - worked on stroke mechanics - nice long stroke and good pull. Swam as quietely as possible.

You better believe I will keep a good count next time!!!


  1. You are too funny! And aren't you an accountant? Better not tell your clients about this problem. :)