Sunday, January 31, 2010

I was proud, but......

Two workouts today. First was 250 squats for time and the second was swim intervals. I will admit that I was trying to beat Christina's time on the squats, but failed. My time was 8:34. I may have started too fast as the first 100 was done in no time, but my legs were burning after that and I slowed down considerably. Not to mention that I was still feeling the effects of Helen, but that's no excuse - we are all on rigorous programs. So, apparently Erica and Ariel blew me away as well.

Second workout was a swim. It would have been easy to skip this workout. Had a busy afternoon and ended up getting invited to the in-laws for dinnner. REMEMBER THE GOAL!! That's what I told myself. If it is under my control I will not miss a workout so I didn't.

This was a hard interval session. 1 100, 2 200s, and 3 300s -rest for same amount of time as work effort. These times are approximate as I never stopped my watch - 100 - 1:30, both 200s at 3:20, 300s as follows - 5:05, 5:10, 5:10. I knew I was going to be late for dinner so I abbreviated the warm-up and warm-down - 200 warm-up and 100 warm-down. Total yards 1700.

I'm a little upset with these times as I feel that my 300 times should have been around 5:00; however, I am a bit sore and tight from Helen. I worked as hard as I could and I'm proud of that.

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  1. As Max continues to tell's all about effort Martin - and god knows, you put enough into it each time. Great workout - keep on going!