Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good? bad? I'm not quite sure

I started the day with Cindy - 5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 squats AMRAP 20 minutes. When I say started the day, I literally meant started - I was at it no more than five minutes after rolling out of bed. I was able to get 13 of these babies done which I thought was pretty good until I heard Dan did a few more. I won't stoop to name calling, but.........

Second workout - 10k for time. I dropped my daughter off at gymnastics and ran a course in Windsor right out of the gym. I was fairly sure that I mapped this once in the past, but after finishing the run my GPS told me it was only 5.8 miles. I was bummed as this would have been a pr if it was 6.2 - four tenths of a miles makes a BIG difference. I finished in 51:57 which does not please me now that I know the distance (I reclocked it and the GPS was right). So here's how the run went - I took off at a moderate pace getting my breathing down in the cold air before taking it up a notch. After about a half mile I took it up a little and at about a mile I was at full speed. I could not see my HR monitor so I had to go by feel - breathing and how legs felt. About three miles into the run there was a well lit area and I checked the HR - it was at 155 so I picked it up a bit. I had a lot of juice left when I got to 1 mile to go so it is pretty clear that I did not push the pace as hard as I should have.

So, as bad as I feel about how the run went here are the positive factors. I felt good throughout the run - legs felt fantastic before during and after the run. My form felt good. In some areas I ran on icy sidewalks which slowed me down - not tryng to make excuses - just saying! My average HR was 156 and my max was 167. I will be more careful about measuring the distance in the future.

Tomorrow looks like a fun day. They will be back to back workouts - will probably do swim first.

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