Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creative writing

Max sent out an email and suggested that his other athletes blog as well. A few have sent links to their blogs and after a quick read it is quite clear that they are more creative in their writing. Some I find funny and some just plain interesting.

Well....I'm an accountant by trade. I'm trained to be concise and to the point - not a lot of flowery build up or interesting inuendos - I know that flows over to my personal life as well. So, as much as I would like my blogs to be more interesting, perhaps a little funny, and certainly thought provoking, they will more than likely remain dry/clinical at best.

Kathy Robbins I'm waiting for a link to your blog. I find you to be a truly funny person and enjoyed reading your blog entries on Max's site.

Thank you for the links that have been sent - I truly find motivation from reading what others are going through - after all we are more alike than different.

I have completed one of my WODs today and will get the other one in after I drop my daughter off at gymnastics (10k for time). Hopefully my next blog discusses a successful training day.

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