Monday, December 14, 2009

I hate the treadmill.

I don't like doing workouts on the bike trainer, but I really despise the treadmill. I really don't care how cold it gets outside - I would much rather run outside in the cold than on a treadmill; however, there are exceptions. Yesterday it was cold and rainy- treadmill wins.

Workout - 5k for time. I never ran for time on the treadmill and arguably I still have not. I warmed up for one mile on the treadmill, stretched out and then started the all out effort. When I got to a mile I was dreading the remaining 2.1. I had the machine set for 7.7 mph. My breathing was good and my running did not feel overly uncomfortable for the first mile. The second mile is always the hardest and I kept telling myself that as long as got to mile two I would finish. At 1.5 I started really doubting my ability to finish the workout - not physically, but mentally. I tried to push myself by reminding myself of the bigger goal. I kept telling myself that I am not a quitter. When I got to mile two I hit the cool down button and immediately felt remorse. After 30 seconds I tapped the speed back up thinking that I could salvage the run - because I hit the cool down button the speed would reduce as soon as I got it up there. I was beat. I quit that session and decided to run another mile all out - I got to .5 and again quit the workout. I guess I'm a quitter!!!

At least I finished my swim workout. I finished the 600 in 11:06. That does not strike me as being a great time.


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  2. Totally feel your pain and the same EXACT thing happens to me when I get on the dreadmill. Not for tonight's 5K TT though. I will stick it out! Nice to know I'm not alone.