Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I got in trouble

There is a reason that I wanted a coach. There is also a reason that I chose Max as my coach. After meeting him, he struck me as a no nonsense, tell it to you straight type of person. Boy, was I right. After reading my blog for last week including the treadmill failed 3k for time he really let me have it - and I think he was holding it back. I deserved what I got and hopefully it helps refocus me. My goals are significant and in order to meet them and be happy that I gave it my all, I need to stay disciplined.

Yesterday was crossfit totals. They are as follows:

Shoulder press: 135
Squat: 185
Deadlift: 265

I plan to hit all my workouts this week with gusto starting with a 5k for time at lunch today. Hopefully its not raining so I can do it outside.

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