Thursday, December 17, 2009

Avoiding Max's wrath

Yesterday was a rest day and just as well as I was sore from my double on Tuesday. I assumed I would still be sore this morning, but I was fine.

Today called for a strength workout and a swim workout. I packed my bag in the morning and took off for work as soon as I had the kid on the bus. When I was half way to work I realized that I did not pack sneakers. I figured that I could get my swim in, go home and then return to the gym for the squats. I did not get out of work until around nine so that was not going to happen. Rather than having to admit that I blew off a workout (even though it would have been unintentional) I stopped at Kohls and picked up a pair of cheap sneakers. I wouldn't run in them, but they are good enough for weight training. Besides, I really wanted to try front squatting - I've never done them before.

I practiced front squatting with just the bar first and then I put a light weight on to practice. I ended up doing the workout with 125 pounds of weight. I believe I could have handled a little more, but this being the first time I've front squatted, I figured it was prudent to be conservative and work on form. It was heavy enough - it's not like I didn't feel it.

The swim went well. The workout was one minute on, one rest, two on, two rest .......up to five on, five rest and then back down. Total workout time not including warm up and warm down was 49 minutes. This was probably the longest I've been at the pool for a long time (about an hour). Total workout yardage was 1650 and total yardage was 1900. My lats are tight from this workout. It's hard to explain, but it's kind of a good feeling.

Three more days and I can say I've had a good week. I think it will take more than one week to redeem myself, but its a start.

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