Friday, November 20, 2009

ONe workout done

I hope I don't start to sound like a broken record as everything was going so well. I missed another workout due to work (kind-of). Wed was a workout day off. I had training all day Wed and then had to go to the office as we were moving locations. This is our second move in two years so we had to make sure that it went very well. We were there until 1:30 in the morning and then I had to drive for an hour to get home. I got about four and a half hours sleep which if this was the first day that it happened I would be fine, but I was up late the night before as well. Thur was a fairly normal schedule day, but I was exhausted - when I got home the only thing I could think about was sleep.

I decided to do yesterday's workout today as it looks pretty tough and I don't want to be accused of skipping the hard ones. The first workout was 35 squats, 25 pushups and 15 pullups 15x for time. Finished in 43:47. WOW! This one hurt. Squats were fine all the way through, but my chest was on fire with the pushups. I could barely get the pullup done on the sixth and seventh set. I thought about skipping the last set of pullups - I mean who would know anyway? I couldn't do it - as painful as they were I forced myself to get them done. Well.....I'm off to do my second workout of the day which is an intense bike workout. Good thing I like to sweat.

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