Tuesday, November 17, 2009

30 min bike TT and yesterday's WOD (done today)

Today called for a 30 minute bike TT - record distance. I rode 10.2 miles. Not overly impressive at face value, but here is why it was a great ride:

1. I carved time out of a busy schedule (I had training today) to get the ride in;
2. Tire pressure was low - did not have a pump with me;
3. Ride was hilly in unknown territory (Rocky Hill and Cromwell);
4. Warm-up time was limited;
5. Did an out and back which meant slowing down to turn around and get back up to speed;
6. Got stopped at a light to make a left turn - too much traffic to blow through it.

Putting all of those factors together makes me believe that I could have done 10.5 miles or 21 mph. Not bad considering how hilly the ride was. Additionally, I am still getting used to the new bike - I am getting much more comfortable on the bike and am looking forward to tweaking it to my liking, getting race wheels, and getting more rides in on it.

WOD - yesterdays WOD called for 25 pullups, 50 pushups and 75 squats AMRAP in 20 minutes. I did the first round in 10 minutes. 12 reps for the first set up pullups (pretty cool!). I knew second set was going to take longer - finished two sets in 24 minutes. I felt it best to finish the whole set rather than stop part way through.

I did not do the workout yesterday as I worked a long day (about 14 hours). I started to do it, but had absolutely no gas. This is due to the long day, bad diet and hydration, and the fact that I completed my swim workout about an hour before attempting to start the WOD. I got my diet and hydration back on track today and it makes a world of difference.

Yesterday's swim workout went well. Four 400s with 45 sec rest in between. First three went well - felt fatigued for last set (most likely due to diet and hydration as mentioned above). Overall, swim went quite well - finished entire workout in 31 minutes (includes rest intervals).

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