Saturday, November 7, 2009

I succumbed and 5k race results

Thursday was a day off and I took advantage of it. I had trouble sleeping due to coughing half the night and was pretty tired Friday. I have a bad cough, but otherwise feel o.k. I decided not to workout Friday and get a good nights sleep instead.

I coughed quite a bit Friday night as well, though not as bad as Thursday.

I decided to do the 5k Saturday. I ran it in 24:21. I was shooting for 24 even, but this is probably my best 5k in the last three years. I ran this race in 25:58 last year. I wonder if I could have done a little better if I wasn't fighting a cold all week. I did my 500 squats in the evening. It still hurt, but it definately was not as painful as the last time I did this workout.

I'm going to run another 5k tomorrow to see if I can hit the 24:00 mark. I'm going to run the first mile hard and see if I can hold on from there.

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