Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The bike is a bullet

Rode the bike yesterday. I am starting to get used to it - remember, I've been riding a road bike all my life and now I switch over to a triathlon bike - very different feel. It was a warm November day with no wind and I got home from work early. I decided to try to beat the sun and see if I could get an hour in before it got dark. Well, it gets dark early so I lost the race, but I had a good ride. Only the last ten minutes were dark.

It was not my fastest ride ever, but I am really starting to feel the potential of this bike. It feels so smooth on the flats and it climbs unbelievably well. I definately need to tweak a few things - standing is extremely uncomfortable as my knees hit the elbow pads. The pads are kind of big, so I'm going to see if there is anything lower profile out there that I can use. The cockpit is very small - I think it is because my legs are proportianately longer than my torso. Makes sense since I am 5 inches shorter than my father, but we have the same inseam. Not noticible on the road bike since the position is more relaxed. I need to get a few longer rides in before deciding if the saddle needs to go or not and I need to figure out a better hydration system than what I have. I have the aero water bottle between the tt bars but I got very wet from the splashing. That was o.k. yesterday, but it would not be on a cold day. I guess they make better bottles than the one I have - I will check.

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