Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm weak

Thursday I did five rounds of bench press body weight and pull-ups maximum reps. I could only manage three reps for the first four sets of bench press and four reps on the last set. In my defense I have not bench pressed in about twenty years - back when I was in the Air Force and for a couple of years after that I was a real muscle head - spent a lot of time in the gym. Body weight bench presses would have been my warm-up - now I can barely squeeze out three or four (might have gotten five with a spot, but I was working out in my basement alone and did not want to tempt fate). The pull-ups are actually getting better. I did eight on the first set and then I think eight on the second set and then sevens and sixes thereafter. When I get to ten I will be a happy camper.

Today I ran a 5k for time. I warmed up for a mile, stretched and then went for it. I finished in 24:45. I need to check back to my Tavern Trot results, but this may have been my fastest run yet. I just need to shave a little more off to reach my goal of 24:00 for a 5k. I took it out too hard - I wonder if I would have finished a little faster if I took the first mile out a little slower (took it out at 7:30 - finishing pace was just under 8:oo).

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