Sunday, October 25, 2009

I don't run correctly

First - I checked back to my Tavern Trot results and I ran it faster than my 5K time trial yesterday - not much though. I suspect racing always gets you to kick it up a notch.

I had my running analyzed today. I suspected that there were improvements to be made, but it sounds like my running needs to be totally revamped. I did get some drills to do and I believe I understand the concepts, but I have to break 30 plus years of habits. Minor tweaks are one thing - but what we are talking about is pretty major.

I rode my new bike today. I wish I could say, man this bike is fast, or wow, what a comfortable ride, but I can't. A tri bike is set up so different from a road bike that it is going to take some time to get used to it. I was looking to get in the drops on the descents, but there aren't any. I did get used to the shifting right away. The aero position is different than the aero position on my road bike (got tt bars on road bike) and I have the sense of riding more "on top" of the bike and further forward than I am used to. It was a wierd sensation being right over the front wheel. To top it off, it was a windy day so I did not feel overly confident in the sections where there was a cross wind. I also found it hard to stand going up hill - the cockpit seems much smaller than the cockpit of my road bike. When I stood my knees were hitting the aero bar pads. Perhaps you're not supposed to be up so far when you are out of the saddle, but that is where I feel comfortable. I will ride it a couple of more times and then report back to the bike fit specialist.

On the positive side, the bike feels really responsive - it seems like every bit of energy applied to the cranks results in forward motion - nothing seems to be getting absorbed by the frame.

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