Thursday, October 29, 2009

Angie # 2

This time I completed the entire workout. Time was 1:07:41 - I'm guessing this is not good as the time alloted on my ATP is 30 minutes. Once again the vast majority of the time allocated to this workout was spent on the pull-ups - over thirty minutes (probably close to 40 minutes). I was taking long rests as I was trying to knock out as many as possible in each set. My first set was 10 pull-ups - this is the first time since I started this program that I was able to get 10 in a row. After that I went to 7, short rest, then 3, longer rest then 6 or 7, then 3-4 following short rest - I think you can see the pattern.

Push-ups were broken down as follows - 30, 15, 30, 25. The 15 was due to a short rest taken.

Situps and squats were done as one set each.

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