Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm beat up

I went for a bike ride this morning at 5:15 (where were you Dave?) and I had nothing. It was a recovery ride so I was not planning on pushing the pace, but I would not have been able to if I tried. I don't think my legs have been this weary all year.

I believe this is how I'm supposed to feel after the week I have had so far. On Sunday I ran 10k for time. I was happy with that run. On Monday I did a race pace brick and again I was happy with that workout - lacked a little power on the bike, but had a decent avg speed all the same - run felt good especially after Sunday's effort. Tuesday had me running four all out miles with eight min rest in between. I clocked a mile run so I am certain of the distance. I need to reclock the mile that I was doing previously as my times are off (may be due to tired legs or the hill in my new mile run). My times for the mile were as follows: 7:32, 7:37, 7:47, 7:35. I tried to pace number 3 differently as I thought I might be going out too hard - apparently not. My average HR on the miles varied from 151 to 155. I did not feel that I had too much power in my legs so it may be right that my times are much slower than the last time I ran miles (though I believe the last course may be a tenth or so short.

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