Sunday, September 13, 2009


The last time I blogged I was pretty beat up. Thursday I did a portion of my workout - did not get to the pool and did not run or bike - just did the strength portion. This was partially due to being beat up and partially due to it being a very busy day both professionally and personally.

Friday was a much needed rest day.

Saturday was a one hour run, one hour bike (reverse brick) and a 30 minute swim. I did an out and back for the run and ran the second half of the run exactly one minute slower than the first half. The bike portion felt pretty good especially considering how weak I felt Wed. I swam 20 laps and really did not feel into it so I bagged the rest of the workout.

Sunday was another reverse brick with the run at one hour and the bike at 90 minutes (hills). I practiced my nutrition on this workout. I did a powergel every 20 minutes and drank liberally. The run split was exactly the same as the day before. I did not feel real strong on the hills, but kept a good pedelling cadence and just motored. I rode with Dave - he was much stronger on the hills than I. I surprised myself with a decent average speed (18.8) for this course considering that I did not feel real powerful on the hills.

I have a couple of tough looking workouts over the next two days and as strange as this may sound, I am looking forward to them.

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