Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I made a mistake

I made the mistake of telling Max that I was not going to do the prescribed workout and that I wanted an alternate workout to do. Prescribed workout - five sets of heavy squats. Alternate workout - 500 squats for time. I did the 500 stinking squats in 28:13 and now its Wednesday and I'm still sore - very sore at that. I feel like someone beat on my legs with a meat tenderizer.

I probably should not tell Max that I did not exactly do the workout Sunday as prescribed either. Workout was 5k for time, 100 squats, 10 minutes rest and then 5k for time. What I did - cycled to Windsor (12 miles) ran 3.5 mile road race, did 100 squats (yes I did!), drank a beer, ate a cheeseburger, cycled back home. I did well in the race - 45th out of about 455 people. O.k. so the race did not exactly attract a star studded field, but I'll take it. My pace was 7:52. Ran the first mile in 7:30 - I thought I might be able to hang onto that pace, but apparently not.

Rode 45 minute time trial yesterday and although my legs were sore from 5oo stinking squats, I still managed to ride a fast pace - 21.2 mph average - hr average was 146 with max at 161. No swim - total ride time was about 1:05.

Rode 75 minutes easy this morning - hopefully my legs feel a little better for tomorrow's workout.

Did I mention that I'm really sore (only hurts if I stand, walk, touch my leg, etc.)

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